Monday, October 19, 2015

Pikkeljig branches into DVD publication!

Pikkeljig Press is poised to launch its first DVD release on Amazon - a very special martial arts instruction video by well-known martial artist and Pikkeljig author, Dan Djurdjevic.  This will be the first in a 2 volume series comprising a course for students wishing to add practical "softness" (of arts like tai chi) to hard martial arts (like karate).

The first hour-long DVD - Volume 1 - is to be released for sale within the next fortnight... so check back periodically for announcements!  It will be available for purchase from the shop page on this site, Dan's martial arts blog, Dan's site and martial arts school page and, of course, Amazon (at a reasonable cost).

For those in Perth, copies will also be available at Ray Hanas Martial Arts Superstore.

A preview/teaser will come out at the same time as the DVD release.