Thursday, January 29, 2015

She said He said hits the bookstores

Well we're pleased to announce that She said He said is already making an appearance on the online booklists!

Take a look at Amazon and also Google books:

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Featured photographer: Peta Santoro

Pikkeljig Press is proud to present its photographer of choice, Peta Santoro.

Ms Santoro's deft touch in capturing light and shade, expression and composition make her the perfect choice for Pikkeljig's author photographs (see for example the picture of Dan Djurdjevic below).

She has lately been focusing on pet (particularly dog and cat) portraits and samples of her work can be found on her website.

Pikkeljig Press author Dan Djurdjevic
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Slab huts to commuter country nearing publication!

Pikkeljig Press will soon be publishing "Slab Huts to Commuter Country" by WL Macdonald.  This remarkable work comprises a social history of the lives of women in the Huon and Channel districts of Tasmania from 1900 to 2013.

The book is in the final proof-reading phase and will be available soon - keep your eyes peeled.

Pikkeljg Press is very proud to add Ms Macdonald to its list of authors.  Once you read her remarkable treatise, you'll understand why.

She said He said published!

Pikkeljig Press is proud to announce the publication of its first non-fiction book, the life-changing Socratic dialogue between Kari Enes and Guy McGowan.

Copies are now available for purchase through our online store and will shortly be available at all good bookstores!

Watch out for more by these inspirational writers in the future!