Sunday, October 4, 2015

"From Pain to Love" nears publication!

After many months of detailed consideration and careful translation, the English version of Ivana Kuzmanović's best-selling Serbian book "From Pain to Love" is finally nearing its publication with Pikkeljig Press!

Here's a sneak preview of its cover.

The back cover reads as follows:
After living with emotional suffering for many years, Ivana Kuzmanović discovered the key to overcoming it: a process of personal transformation towards the light of “Love with a capital L”. This Love, which brings life, joy and freedom to all our relationships and everyday activities, starts with Love for ourselves.
With step-by-step instructions, insightful anecdotes and an empathetic connection with her readers, Ivana deftly guides us through our typical misunderstandings about the nature of Love: what it is, why it is so hard to find, and what are its main obstacles and helpers.
Loving ourselves removes the barriers that separate us from Love: feelings of guilt and inferiority, the sense that we need to “deserve” love and, most insidiously, that we are not “good enough” - just the way we are!