Friday, October 30, 2015

Pikkeljig's second video to be released soon

Pikkeljig Press is pleased to announce the pending release of another Dan Djurdjevic video, this time on the Chang Dao (2-handed sabre) of China.

The promotional blurb reads as follows:
This video contains a distillation of techniques of the long sabre known as the "Chang Dao".  It does not attempt to present one single style, but rather a synthesis of practical fencing techniques of the two-handed sabre in China, using forms primarily intended for 2-person practise.
More modern martial arts forms, particularly ones created after the Cultural Revolution, might be very acrobatic and crowd-pleasing in their performance value, but they give practical application a back seat.  In this video, researcher Dan Djurdjevic (author of the award-winning blog "The Way of Least Resistance") attempts to present the techniques relating to the chang dao in the form they were originally intended: as training for war.  So rather than serve an aesthetic function, the two forms in this video are in fact a codification of various 2-person drills, inculcating situation-specific responses to various cuts and thrusts.
The video is intended to provide a conscise, self-contained course for inclusion in an existing syllabus.
For convenience, Japanese bokken (wooden katana) have been used as practise weapons in the video since these are more easily sourced than any Chinese variant.
Dan's  teaser for the video is appended below:

The video should be available for purchase in about 2 weeks.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Dan Djurdjevic's "Bridging Hard and Soft" DVD now available!

Pikkeljig Press is pleased to announce that Dan Djurdjevic's video "Bridging Hard and Soft Vol. 1: Fundamentals" is now available for purchase from my online shop which can be found here.

More details can be found in Dan's recent press release and article.  Otherwise, here's a teaser for the video:

Copyright © 2015 Dejan Djurdjevic

Monday, October 19, 2015

Pikkeljig branches into DVD publication!

Pikkeljig Press is poised to launch its first DVD release on Amazon - a very special martial arts instruction video by well-known martial artist and Pikkeljig author, Dan Djurdjevic.  This will be the first in a 2 volume series comprising a course for students wishing to add practical "softness" (of arts like tai chi) to hard martial arts (like karate).

The first hour-long DVD - Volume 1 - is to be released for sale within the next fortnight... so check back periodically for announcements!  It will be available for purchase from the shop page on this site, Dan's martial arts blog, Dan's site and martial arts school page and, of course, Amazon (at a reasonable cost).

For those in Perth, copies will also be available at Ray Hanas Martial Arts Superstore.

A preview/teaser will come out at the same time as the DVD release.

Final cover settled for "From Pain to Love"!

The final tweaks are being applied to Pikkeljig's English translation Ivana Kuzmanović's landmark Serbian bestseller "From Pain to Love".

Here is a sneak preview!

Keep checking for updates as to the publication date which should be in the next two weeks!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Free Kindle download promotion of A Hazy Shade of Twilight!

Before "The Martian" there was Dan Djurdjevic's meticulously researched, tightly written, psychological sci-fi thriller "A Hazy Shade of Twilight"...

Set in a small base on Saturn's moon Titan, the novella deals with the effects of extreme isolation and confinement on a small group of scientists - and the logistical realities of mere survival when something goes awry.

To celebrate the release of the new cover of this novella (and its associated stories), Pikkelig Press is offering as a free Kindle download from 7 to 11 October 2015.  So make sure you get your free copy while you can!

And don't forget to leave a review on Amazon!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Mirror Image of Sound scores another 5 star review!

We have another 5 star review of The Mirror Image of Sound, this time by Bailey Mantukit of the UK.  Thanks Bailey!
If only we had the chance to try another life .... This is the first book I've read by Dan Djurdjevic, and it won't be the last. I empathised with the main character, Dan, being "stuck" in a marriage, providing for his selfish wife's spending habits.Upon his Uncle's death, Dan inherits something seemingly mundane as cowboy boots, but that's only the beginning. The reader is taken on a journey in real time in Australia. My imagination was working overtime as to what could possibly happen next. I found myself neglecting household chores in favour of reading this book!

"From Pain to Love" nears publication!

After many months of detailed consideration and careful translation, the English version of Ivana Kuzmanović's best-selling Serbian book "From Pain to Love" is finally nearing its publication with Pikkeljig Press!

Here's a sneak preview of its cover.

The back cover reads as follows:
After living with emotional suffering for many years, Ivana Kuzmanović discovered the key to overcoming it: a process of personal transformation towards the light of “Love with a capital L”. This Love, which brings life, joy and freedom to all our relationships and everyday activities, starts with Love for ourselves.
With step-by-step instructions, insightful anecdotes and an empathetic connection with her readers, Ivana deftly guides us through our typical misunderstandings about the nature of Love: what it is, why it is so hard to find, and what are its main obstacles and helpers.
Loving ourselves removes the barriers that separate us from Love: feelings of guilt and inferiority, the sense that we need to “deserve” love and, most insidiously, that we are not “good enough” - just the way we are!

Friday, October 2, 2015

New cover for Hazy Shade completed!

The new cover is now finalised and we think it is perfect: it suits the dark, mysterious interior perfectly!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

A new cover for "A Hazy Shade of Twilight"

Following feedback received over the last few months, Pikkelig Press has decided to revamp the cover of A Hazy Shade of Twilight entirely as follows.

The new look should be available for purchase/download in the next few days!