When do I get paid?

You get paid your royalties when Pikkeljig Press receives a cheque from Createspace.  They only pay us once a threshold of US$100 is cleared.  Once we get a cheque, we'll give you your 75%.

How will I get paid?

You need to have a Paypal account so that Pikkeljig Press can transfer monies to you via that method.

How do I keep track of my royalties?

Pikkeljig Press will send you a royalty update by the middle of the following month.

What currency do I get paid in?

US dollars.

Do I need to get an ISBN for my book?

No - this is one of the costs we absorb.  But if you already have one, we can use it.

Why does Pikkeljig Press get 25% of my royalties?

Well, that's just the contractual term.  Besides our work in editing, formatting, artwork etc., the royalty rate covers the fact that Pikkeljig Press pays for things like ISBNs.

More importantly, Createspace pays Pikkeljig Press in bank cheques.  These need to be cashed and this costs money.  In fact, this fee alone takes up most of Pikkeljig's royalty component with small cheques.  And then there's the cost of currency conversion which takes up the rest.

If you only sell a few books, Pikkeljig Press breaks about even.  But that's okay: we're here to help.  If you become a best-seller, you'll still have royalties of which other writers can only dream.

How do I get my own copies?

Well you certainly won't have to buy them like a regular customer!

All you do is send Pikkeljig Press an email, telling us how many copies you want and the address you want them sent to.  We'll tell you the wholesale price (typically a very low amount).  Then we'll give you the shipping options.  These are set entirely by Createspace - we have no control over it.  When you choose your shipping option, we'll order the books, pay for them and have them shipped to you.  We'll then send you an invoice by Paypal.

Do I pay Pikkeljig Press some royalties for books I sell on my own?

No.  When we send you copies of your own, we do not add any extra costs, nor are you required to send us anything by way of royalty.  Your books are yours to sell!