Saturday, February 28, 2015

Mirror Image of Sound gets a Hugo Award nomination

Pikkejig Press has just discovered that its first title, Dan Djurdjevic's novel "The Mirror Image of Sound" has received a nomination in the prestigious Hugo Awards 2015 for best science fiction novel!

If you are eligible to vote, please give yours to this amazing work.

For more information on this "novel about second chances", you can visit the book's dedicated website.

Here's what reviewers had to say:
"Literally a life-changing book." - Xin Marshall
"Deservedly 5 stars." - Ryan Dickerman
"Philosophical layers to ponder deeper about our own place in time." - Tania Lawrence
"I found myself looking for excuses to read just one more entry." - Paul Baines (author)
"The sci-fi elements and the characters that would translate to any great HBO TV series". - Clinton Fonceca
"Funnier than the Serb classic 'Breaking Bad in Novi Sad' and as thoughtful as 'My Yugo hit the Wrong Relative'." - David Taylor

Paperback only $16.95: 

Kindle only $4.95: