Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Essential Jo - an official Amazon bestseller!

After making an entry several times this year into the "top new release" list (but languishing in the top 200 generally), last night Pikkeljig Press' "Essential Jo" finally cracked Amazon's Martial Arts Bestseller list overall, reaching at least 46. [Edit: as of 31/12/2015 it is at 33!]

Given that the sales have steadily been increasing from month to month - and the fact that we are about to release the companion DVD in the next week or two, we have no reason to suspect the situation will change except for the better.  Every single month brings increased awareness and sales.

Either way, our author Dan Djurdjevic is officially a bestselling writer!

So much for the publishers who rejected this text as "not commercially viable"...  Their loss is our gain.

Keep a lookout for the companion DVD - out soon!